Work with CFM CIS as a CIS subcontractor and get straightforward advice from CIS experts. Working under the CIS scheme allows you to maximise your income whilst working compliantly.

We offer a clear and comprehensive service that makes life easier for our operatives and this service is available to anyone who is registered with the Construction Industry Scheme with HMRC.

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Free assessment

We offer all our CIS workers an assessment to ensure CIS is suitable for them and they are eligible to be paid under the CIS scheme.

Guaranteed compliance

We are regularly audited by Professional Passport and ERA Services, so you can have complete peace of mind that your tax is being dealt with correctly.

Simple set up

Get working without delay with our simple umbrella registration. One phone call to our team and we will get everything ready within one working day, including verifying your UTR number.

Get paid on time every time

Our simple CIS service means no delays with any payments and our detailed remittance advice lets you know exactly what you earnt and take home every week.


Core ACS are fully accredited through Professional Passport, the industry recognised standard of compliance.


Our umbrella service allows you the traditional employment rights everybody should be able to benefit from whilst being a flexible and modern solution for contractors to move from assignment to assignment whilst remaining employed by one company.


We understand the importance of offering an effective and efficient service, we operate faster payments as standard and our contractors are signed up on the same day using our e-sign up process.


We treat your money as if it was our own, you will deal with one point of contact at Core regarding your financial affairs.

At every Core there is a seed that starts the journey

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