How does an umbrella company work in practice?

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Here are the steps you will take if you join a UK-based PAYE umbrella firm:

  1. Once you have secured a contract role, the umbrella company (as your ’employer’) signs a contract with your recruitment agency.
  2. You will also sign a contract of employment with the umbrella.
  3. Once you have completed a pre-agreed time period on site, you complete a timesheet and pass it on to your Manager to sign.
  4. Submit your timesheet to both your recruitment agency and umbrella, showing how many hours you worked that week/month.
  5. The umbrella company will invoice the recruitment agency, which subsequently bills the end-client.
  6. Once the umbrella company received payment from the agency, they can prepare for your payroll.
  7. Your umbrella will process your payroll, and pay you a salary, following deductions for taxes (income tax + National Insurance), the pre-agreed umbrella fee, and any other deductions (for pension contributions, for example). They will also reimburse you for certain allowable expenses you have claimed – such as mileage.
  8. At the end of each tax year, you can reclaim the cost of any remaining expenses against your income tax bill.

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Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker

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