We take our duty of care to you very seriously and our compliance accreditations are second to none.

Umbrella companies have flourished in the last 10 years because compliant companies like Core can offer a hassle-free employment solution which allows you to move from assignment to assignment but still stay employed and paid via one company.

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Core help contractors maximise their take-home pay and take the hassle out of being a contractor.

As part of Core, Agencies and Business’ will benefit from our expert knowledge of the contracting sector and advise on current legislation, such as IR35 and MSC legislation.

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We will tailor our processes to fit your company’s needs, making our service completely bespoke

Payroll is an essential part of your business and deciding between an in-house or an outsourced payroll solution can often be a complicated task. Trusting an outsourced system such as Core PAYE can provide you with a variety of benefits.

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The CIS scheme applies to contractors; subcontractors, organisations that are involved in the construction industry and agencies suppling workers.

CFM CIS are experts in the Construction Industry Scheme and as such can help you navigate the minefield of legislation that surrounds CIS.

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Core are proud to be offering Core Joint Employment (CJE)

A fully compliant Joint Employment model for workers and businesses which are genuinely considered to be VAT exempt. HMRC’s view is clear and unambiguous: umbrellas do not qualify for the VAT concession.

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