Core ACS Umbrella


Umbrella companies have flourished in the last 10 years because compliant companies like Core can offer a hassle-free employment solution which allows you to move from assignment to assignment but still stay employed and paid via one company.

When you are paid via Core ACS you become a genuine employee of ours and are therefore afforded all the same rights as any other UK employee. We are professionally accredited by trade association bodies Prism and Professional Passport; meaning our service to you is fully compliant and up to date with all UK employment legislation. Our work with Prism also means we are the first to know about any changes happening in the next financial year which may affect your finances.

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What is an umbrella company?

In short, an umbrella company is a standard UK limited company which acts as an employer to its contractor employees. Contractors are employed using an “overarching” contract of employment, meaning our contractors are eligible to work anywhere in the UK whilst remaining employed by us. Core then provides a payroll service, processes all timesheets and submits payroll to HMRC in real time; lastly providing a payslip to our workers at the end of each working week.

Why use Core ACS?

Chances are you have found your contract via a recruitment agency; many agencies have preferred supplier relationships with umbrella companies, and they will encourage you to use these. As a responsible employer we take our duty of care to you very seriously and our compliance accreditations are second to none. If you have found a contract through an agency we don’t yet have a relationship with then we are still able to help, simply let us know your point of contact and we will be able to provide due diligence to meet their compliance standards and pay you via that agency.

SDC and Multi-Site Umbrella

Back in April 2016 HMRC decided that contractors working through umbrella companies were being treated the same as full time employees by their clients. Therefor as a rule, Core have not allowed any travel and subsistence expenses since that law came into effect. This is largely because HMRC considers every contractor working through an umbrella company as being under supervision, direction or control unless the contractor can prove the contrary.

We are still eligible to offset multi-site business mileage as tax relief, if our employees are genuinely travelling to various sites throughout their working day or working week. We are experts in our field, so will be auditing and checking all receipts and mileage logs that come in to ensure these expenses are legitimate. Ultimately this keeps your financial affairs safe from any unwanted HMRC attention.


Core ACS are fully accredited through Professional Passport, the industry recognised standard of compliance.


We treat your money as if it was our own, you will deal with one point of contact at Core regarding your financial affairs.


We understand the importance of offering an effective and efficient service, we operate faster payments as standard and our contractors are signed up on the same day using our e-sign up process.


Our umbrella service allows you the traditional employment rights everybody should be able to benefit from whilst being a flexible and modern solution for contractors to move from assignment to assignment whilst remaining employed by one company.

Financial management right from the Core. Creating bespoke payroll solutions to manage the payment needs of every sector.

When it comes to compliance we’ve got you covered; UK based payment provider, professional passport audited, Prism and Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce approved, legislative support and training.