Client / Business


As well as partnering with Recruitment Agencies nationally, we also work with many clients and businesses and engage directly with them for payroll services.

Payroll directly with a business enables us to offer a wider range of solutions without some of the legislation which directly affects agency workers.

Our in-house experts are on hand to ensure that the payroll service we offer to your company is fully compliant with all UK tax legislation. We know that your life is a whole lot easier when your workers are happy, with Core all workers are registered quickly and promptly as well as paid accurately. We are also always on hand to answer and resolve any queries immediately.

We have a product to suit you and your contractors’ circumstances and requirements, whether you have five or five hundred contractors. Whatever sector or discipline they work in. Whatever their rate of pay. Whether or not they’re under supervision, direction or control by the end-user. Our products that comply with legislative rules, maximise contractor net pay and deliver commercial value.

Financial management right from the Core. Creating bespoke payroll solutions to manage the payment needs of every sector.

When it comes to compliance we’ve got you covered; UK based payment provider, professional passport audited, Prism and Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce approved, legislative support and training.